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Friday 07 September, 2018

First Ever Winner of The Coca-Cola Company’s Western Europe Business Unit Environment Award announced

Env Award

Coca-Cola European Partner’s manufacturing site in Dorsten, Germany has been named the winner of the first ever Environment Award from The Coca-Cola Company’s Western Europe Business Unit.

The award was created to recognise excellence and consistent improvement by a manufacturing site in the region across a range of measures. The winning site had to demonstrate it has successfully implemented steps to reduce energy and water use and increase the amount of waste recycled.

Ron Lewis, Chief Supply Chain Officer at CCEP, said: “I am hugely proud of my colleagues in Dorsten for the work they have done to reduce the environmental impact of the operations of the site. We have a clear ambition to use our business and brands to build a better future, for people and for the planet. Supply chain has a huge role to play in this and I am sure Dorsten and all our other sites will continue to work hard toward achieving this goal.”

Ralf Schmalenbeck, Site Director in Dorsten, said: “This is a proud moment for everyone who works at Dorsten and I must thank the whole team for their efforts in making sustainability a key focus for us. We have made reducing the amount of water and energy we use, and the amount of waste we produce, a central part of our plans. While we’re delighted to receive this award, we are committed to making even more progress in the coming months.”

About The Coca-Cola Company Western Europe Business Unit Environment Award

Manufacturing sites in the Coca-Cola system in Western Europe were invited to take part in the award. In order to take part, sites needed to be ISO 14001 certified and to have successfully passed previous environment audits. Sites were encouraged to adopt measures to reduce energy use and water use and increase the percentage of waste on site that is recycled.

Dorsten was found to have made the biggest improvement across these measures when comparing 2016 results to 2017.

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