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Tuesday 03 January, 2017

Damian Gammell joins Board of Directors


Damian Gammell joined Coca-Cola European Partners’ Board of Directors, following his appointment as Chief Executive Officer on 28 December 2016. Damian is known for his vision, customer focus and transformational leadership. As Chief Executive Officer and the only Executive Director in the Board, he will ensure Coca-Cola European Partners continues to drive long-term growth and shareowner value.

“It’s an honour to serve with such an experienced, international and diverse Board,” Damian said. “My focus is clear: ensuring Coca-Cola European Partners can unlock opportunity and growth in Western Europe, and I am confident in our ability to win through the solid foundations we have created for our new company. We have the right leadership and long-term growth plans, supported by some of the best people in the business and the world’s most loved brands.”

Prior to Coca-Cola European Partners, Damian served as Chief Executive Officer of Anadolu EFES (ticker symbol: EFES), one of the world’s largest beverage companies and Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Icecek (ticker symbol: CCOLA), the world’s fourth largest Coca-Cola bottler. During his 25-year career with the Coca-Cola system, Gammell served as head of The Coca-Cola Company’s operations in Germany and Russia, and worked in parts of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

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