Action on Sustainability

We also understand that we have an impact on our environment and the societies in which we operate. Climate change, water scarcity, waste and pollution affect everyone and have far-reaching impacts on food production and ecosystems. In addition to these challenges, society is also struggling to maintain economic growth and ensure prosperity and opportunities for its citizens.

This is Forward is our sustainability action plan and a critical part of our long-term business strategy. It has been developed jointly by The Coca-Cola Company in Western Europe and Coca-Cola European Partners. It sets out how we will grow our business in a responsible and sustainable way and how we intend to play a meaningful role in helping to address many of the key societal issues that people are most concerned about. 

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At Coca-Cola, sustainability has been at the heart of our business for many years. Whilst we have made tremendous progress, we believe that there is much more we can do. Around 300 million people enjoy our drinks in Western Europe, and we have worked hard to ensure we make and sell our drinks in a responsible way.

Yet the world is constantly evolving. As people’s tastes, lifestyles and shopping habits change, we must change too. We believe we can grow our business, and we believe we can do it in a way that makes our employees and our stakeholders proud.  That’s why we have been evolving our long-term business strategy, transforming our portfolio in line with changing consumer tastes and placing shared value at the heart of our business model.

We’ve reflected on the role our drinks play in people’s daily lives. Concerns about health and obesity mean many people now want more natural ingredients, drinks with more nutrition and added benefits and less sugar. We’re listening to consumers and support the current recommendation by several leading health authorities, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) that people should limit their intake of added sugar to no more than 10 percent of their total energy/calorie consumption.


We have listened carefully to our stakeholders, customers, employees and consumers and our joint Sustainability Action Plan is our commitment to delivering the change they want to see.

This is Forward

This is Forward is our response, and it builds upon 10 years of focused work on sustainability. Our new goals provide a clear direction of how we intend to use our business and our brands to build a better future.

We are placing sustainability at the very heart of our business strategy. We are determined to create an environment where people take pride in working for us and where we earn trust from our customers, consumers and stakeholders.

We know we cannot act alone. Being accountable and transparent is central to the way in which we will operate and our sustainability action plan will require us to build on our existing collaboration with a wide range of partners across our value chain. Together we have the power to act. To change things. To set new standards. There is no going back. This is Forward.

Listening to our Stakeholders

This is Forward has been developed following extensive consultation with over 100 of our key stakeholders – including governments, NGOs, customers, suppliers, as well as 12,000 consumers across six countries and over 1,000 of our own employees.  We’ve asked them what role they expect us to play in addressing some of the major issues in the world today.

We know that our stakeholders expect us to make ambitious commitments on major societal issues – including health and nutrition, packaging and economic development; as well as continuing to address climate change and water scarcity and drive sustainability into our supply chain. 

These discussions have helped us to build a detailed understanding of the significant challenges our society and our environment is facing. They have helped us to define the role we can play in addressing these challenges and in supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which provide the global roadmap for sustainable development.

Download our Sustainability Action plan here


Action Plan

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Action on Climate

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Action on Water

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Action on Society

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