Action on Climate

Climate change is one of the most serious and complex challenges facing the world – and we are committed to playing our part in global efforts to tackle climate change in line with the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 on Climate Action.

Political and scientific consensus indicates that increased concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs), which can in part be attributed to emissions generated from businesses like our own, are leading to gradual rises in global average temperatures.

This is influencing global weather patterns and causing extreme weather conditions around the world. Climate change has also been linked to greater water scarcity and a worsening of water quality. It can also reduce agricultural productivity which could affect the availability and cost of the key ingredients that we use in our products. An increase in extreme weather such as storms or floods could also impact our manufacturing and distribution networks.

This is a critical issue for society, for those directly impacted by climate change and for our business. We have already made significant progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to both our core business and our value chain.

However, we need to do more and are determined to meet our stakeholders’ expectations on key topics including renewable electricity use and GHG emissions from the transportation and chilling our products.

This is Forward includes new carbon reduction targets - for both our own business and our value chain - which are fully aligned with climate science and have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). We are also making a commitment to use 100% renewable electricity as part of The Climate Group’s RE100 initiative. We believe that full transparency about our GHG emissions is important. As a result, we have included information on climate risks and our GHG emissions in CCEP’s first Annual Report and Accounts and Stakeholder Progress Report and we also share detailed information about GHG emissions related to our business in Western Europe through CCEP’s annual response to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Our Action on Climate supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 13 on Clean Energy and Climate Action.

More about our commitments

We’ll purchase 100% renewable electricity by 2020:

As part of The Climate Group’s RE100 initiative we’ve committed to ensure that 100% of the electricity we use is from renewable sources by 2020. Over 80% of the electricity we use for our operations in Western Europe is currently from renewable sources and we are on-track to complete our transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2020. 


We’ll cut greenhouse gas emissions from our core business by 50%:

Our core business operations includes our manufacturing operations, our offices, our cold drinks equipment and our transportation. We’ve made significant investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy which have reduced greenhouse gas emissions related to our core business operations in Western Europe in absolute terms by 42% since 2010. Our business will continue to grow and with continued investment in low-carbon technologies and renewable energy we are aiming to achieve an absolute 50% reduction versus 2010 by 2025, irrespective of business growth.

This commitment is fully aligned with climate science and has been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative(SBTi).

We’ll cut greenhouse gas emissions by 35% across our entire value chain:

Our carbon impact goes beyond our core business operations – and includes our packaging and our ingredients, which make up the majority of our total value chain carbon footprint.  We know that we need to work with our suppliers to continue to deliver carbon reductions across our entire value chain. We have already achieved a 24% reduction in our value chain emissions since 2010, and our 35% target will ensure that our efforts are aligned with the needs of climate science.

This commitment is fully aligned with climate science and has been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative(SBTi).