Sustainable Packaging & Recycling


Managing the sustainability of our packaging is one of the most critical issues facing our business.

We work with our packaging suppliers to minimise the impact our packaging has on the environment by designing our packaging for recyclability, continually trying to reduce its weight and increasing its recycled and renewable content. 

Making our packaging more sustainable

Resource efficiency has long been at the heart of our thinking on sustainable packaging. Although we have made strong progress in recent years, we know there is much more to be done on tackling litter, on improving packaging recovery and recycling rates in many of our markets and on using more recycled and renewable materials.


A critical part of our sustainable packaging strategy is ensuring that we enable as much of our packaging as possible can be recovered and recycled. We support the development of a circular economy model whereby resources are recycled and re-used for as long as possible, feeding back into the economy, and maximising the re-use of finite resources.

Influencing consumer behaviour

We are also working with customers to improve consumer awareness about recycling; and are working with local governments and stakeholders to improve local recovery and recycling rates.