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Thursday 24 May, 2018

We Are CCEP: Belgium & Luxembourg

Today we’ve launched the third segment in our We Are CCEP film series - celebrating the diversity of people and cultures within Coca-Cola European Partners.

We operate across 13 countries in Western Europe, where more than 300 million people can enjoy our drinks. At the core of our business are our 23,500 colleagues that help to develop, make and sell some of the world’s best loved brands.

The We Are CCEP series showcases just some of the roles at CCEP, as well as the passionate people that play a vital part in our business. The third stop on our tour took us to Belgium and Luxembourg where we met Noël and Vanessa who are part of our 6,000 strong field sales team across Western Europe. Every day Noël and Vanessa are on the road ensuring we provide great beverages and great service to our customers and consumers.

We travelled to Bastogne in the south of Belgium, where we met Noël who is a Service Representative and works with supermarket and convenience store customers. We then crossed the border to Luxembourg where we met his wife, Vanessa, who is a Sales Representative managing customer accounts in outlets such as offices, banks, universities, businesses and petrol stations.

As well as accompanying both Noël and Vanessa during their working day, we also got the chance to ask a few questions to learn more about the husband and wife duo who are known to their friends and family as Mr and Mrs Coca-Cola. Here’s what they had to say:

1.       What’s your role at Coca-Cola European Partners?

Noël: Service Representative in the Home Channel, Belgium

Vanessa: Sales Representative at work and institutions, Luxembourg

2.       What does a typical day look like?

Noël: Each day I visit around five stores – this could be in five different towns. I support our customers by ensuring their shelves are merchandised to our display standards with the products that are delivered by our CCEP drivers. I also negotiate sales agreements with the different store managers, place orders for all our products when needed and make sure that special offers are in the agreed locations.

Every Wednesday I attend a team meeting with our manager called RED (Right Execution Daily). These meetings provide me with useful information such as customer locations and new product development.

Vanessa: Every day I visit existing customer outlets to help them find ways to strengthen sales and introduce them to new products, and prospective customers to negotiate new business deals to stock our fantastic cold drink products, but also our coffee brand, CHAQWA.

I also attend RED meetings every Monday morning where we’re given objectives for the week.

3.       What’s the best part about working together as a couple – is there anything challenging?

Vanessa & Noël: Working together means we understand each other’s roles and the company’s ways of working. We also understand what our schedules involve so we can organise our family life.

The only down side (for our family and friends) is that we can’t stop talking about Coca-Cola… :)

4.       What’s the best thing about working at CCEP?

Vanessa & Noël: Having a super varied job. We love the fact that each day is different from the next, changing all the time. We’re also never in the same place two days in a row which means we meet people from different backgrounds all the time.

5.       What’s been your favourite moment during your time at CCEP?

Vanessa: My favourite moment was when I met Muhtar Kent - chairman and former CEO of The Coca-Cola Company. He accompanied us on a market visit to a number of our customer outlets and I received the best compliment about my sales techniques.

The day I found out that I got the job at CCEP was also magical!

Noël: Our team won a two day trip to Iceland as a reward for our performance. This was so cool!

6.       What do you like doing outside work?

Vanessa: I enjoy running, fitness, climbing and spending time with my children. I also like decorating and painting my house, as well as renovating furniture.

Noël: I enjoy reading, playing the guitar, climbing and gardening – I love plants.

7.       What is your favourite drink?

Vanessa: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Noel: Fanta Orange

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