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Tuesday 03 April, 2018

Stephen Lusk on how CCEP encourages innovation and creativity

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We’re changing the way we work at CCEP to enable us to move faster.

It’s easy for big companies to get carried away by making everything perfect, but that takes time and comes at the expense of creativity. You may go too slow and miss out on the opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

Consumer preferences and trends change quickly, so we have to change quickly to keep up.

We’re working closely with our customers to make it as easy as possible to find and enjoy our great drinks. Over the last few months, our teams have been out in the market trying new things and seeing what works.

During a visit to some customers in France I saw some great examples of this. In an environment where space is at a premium, we’ve introduced egg-cup style display units so our products can be stacked up in the smallest corners – a space that would normally be left unutilised.

Consumers love it because it gives them another opportunity to pick up a drink and customers love it because it helps them get more per square metre in their stores.

We’ve also introduced can dispensers which sit to the side of coolers – again, offering another opportunity for consumers to pick up one of our smallest can packs at affordable value.

There are loads of other projects like this, probably going on at a store near you right now. They won’t all work, but we’re giving our people the freedom and backing to test things out. They won’t all work, but we will roll out the ones that do, and learn from the ones that don’t.

Michael Jordan once said he missed more than 9000 shots in his career, and lost nearly 300 games. He failed over and over again and he credits all these little failures with his ultimate success.

So, we’re going to start taking some more shots and learn from our mistakes in order to succeed even sooner.

Stephen Lusk, Vice President for Commerical Development at Coca-Cola European Partners

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