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Tuesday 26 June, 2018

Ron Lewis on the importance of working with our partners

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We know that if CCEP is to win, we need to win together with our partners, stakeholders and communities.

We spend a lot of time with these groups, listening to their feedback, identifying areas for collaboration and setting out our plans.

Our partners have a vital role to play in our success. We want them to feel part of CCEP and share in our culture and behaviours.

That’s why, earlier this month we gathered together some of our key supply partners across all areas of our business, from raw materials to people services, in Berlin to strengthen existing relationships, encourage collaboration and be transparent about our strategy and progress.

During the meeting we spoke to suppliers about the steps we’re taking to create a more diverse and representative workforce and a more inclusive environment at CCEP.

We discussed our sustainability action plan, This Is Forward, and how we need their input and expertise to meet the goals set out in it – particularly on sustainable packaging solutions and how we can use less water and energy in our operations.

We reviewed our plan for growth, and how our suppliers and partners can contribute to and share in that growth. We spent a lot of time considering how data and technology can be used to make CCEP more efficient and help us better serve our customers.

Importantly, we spent as much time listening as we did talking, and we will act on what we heard.

We’re committed to being a good partner, and opportunities like the event in Berlin are a central part of this commitment. They make sure everyone is pushing in the same direction, and that we harness all the expertise and energy we can as we seek to make CCEP a great company – to work for and to work with.

Ron Lewis, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Coca-Cola European Partners

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