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Friday 14 September, 2018

Joe Franses, Vice-President of Sustainability, discusses Coca-Cola European Partners’ listing on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index:

When Coca-Cola European Partners was formed in 2016 we set out to make sustainability a fundamental part of our business. Last year we launched our sustainability action plan This is Forward and we are making strong progress in embedding sustainability principles into our day to day operations, systems and processes. 

I am delighted that our efforts continue to be recognised and that this week we found out that we will be listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), for a third consecutive year. Membership of the DJSI is one of the most widely recognised measures of sustainability leadership, with a rigorous evaluation process including a review of economic, social and environmental performance.

In total, more than 3,500 companies were included in the DJSI annual assessment and only four beverage companies will be listed on the DJSI World Index 2018. For CCEP, this is a significant achievement. It is a great sign of the progress we are making, but also a reminder of just how much work we have to do to ensure that we continue to grow our business in a responsible and sustainable way.

We are especially proud to have achieved the highest industry score for Environmental Policy, Management & Reporting, Packaging, Water Related Risks and Health & Nutrition.

This is clearrecognition of the progress we are making and the long-term aspirations and targets on drinks, packaging, society, water, climate and supply chain we set out in This is Forward. Over the past year, we have undertaken a variety of sustainability focused initiatives across our business in Western Europe making positive progress:

 -       In 2017 we replenished 110% of the water we used in our drinks, where it was sourced from areas of water stress – supporting our commitment to manage water with the care it deserves and continually look for ways to reduce the amount of water we use to make our drinks;

-       24.6% of the PET we used in our bottles was from recycled plastic (rPET) in 2017 – almost half way to reaching our target of at least 50% rPET in our plastic bottles by 2025;

-       87.5% of the electricity we purchased was from renewable sources in 2017 – well on our way to achieving our 100% target by 2020.

But we know there is much more to do. We will continue to build on our successes and to challenge ourselves to ensure we remain on the right track to meet and even exceed our goals.

Sustainability touches every part of our business - from the teams that help to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging, operations and ingredients, to those that manage the safety, diversity and development of our people. Inclusion on the DJSI really is a team effort and something that our whole business should be tremendously proud of.

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