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Wednesday 19 September, 2018

GB 2019 Apprenticeship Scheme: Jose, Apprentice – Field Technician

Today we are launching our 2019 Apprenticeship Scheme in GB.

We strongly believe in attracting and developing new talent into our business. Our apprenticeship programme allows you to do just that. We have roles available in the following sectors: Engineering, Business Administration, Sales, and Merchandising.

Meet Jose – an apprentice field technician at CCEP GB. Find out from him what it’s like to be an apprentice. If you think you have the drive, enthusiasm and passion to join our business see how you can apply to CCEP GB's 2019 apprenticeship scheme here.

Why did you apply for a Field Technician apprenticeship?

I enjoy visiting new places and meeting new people, so I applied for a field technician apprenticeship as it’s a job that would allow me to do both. Another reason is the variety offered by the role. I love that each day is different in terms of the places I visit and the people I meet.

What support have you had during your hands-on training?

The support I’ve had during my hands-on training has taken two forms. The first involved the training centre, where I worked with an instructor who taught me how to assemble each machine and how they operate. The other part of my training involved shadowing an engineer in the field. I felt fully supported in all aspects of my training, and if I ever had any issues, there was always someone to assist me.

Do you prefer fixing machines in the lab or in the field?

My favourite part of the job is fixing machines in the field. Each problem I encounter can be completely different to the one before. Sometimes, a problem with a machine can be a challenge to solve, which I enjoy as it tests my skills. At other times, the machine may only require a quick fix. It all depends on the location of the machine and nature of the job.

How do you overcome problems that are particularly challenging?

Whenever I encounter a problem, my first step is to try and resolve the issue myself, allowing me to test my skills and ability to adapt and overcome. If I’m unable to solve the issue, then I will ask the engineer I’m with for assistance. However, if I am out in the field alone, then someone is always just a phone call away to help.

What technical skills do you think you’ve developed?

Before I started my role, the skills I had were limited. However, I have now developed technical hands-on skills, which are continually improving, as I use them every day. As I am now in the refrigeration team, one of the technical skills I have developed is brazing, which is used to join pieces of metal together. I use this skill most days, but it was particularly challenging to learn at first and took a while to get used to.  

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