Meet the Team

Our experienced senior leadership team has a track record of delivering long-term, sustainable growth
Photo of Sol Daurella

Sol Daurella Chairman

Before her appointment as Chairman for Coca-Cola European Partners, Sol's most recent role was Chairman, Coca-Cola Iberian Partners. She is also CEO and Chairman of Cobega, the Daurella family's holding. Read more about Sol here.


Photo of Damian Gammell

Damian Gammell Chief Executive Officer

Damian is an experienced international leader within The Coca-Cola System. He became CEO of Coca-Cola European Partners in December 2016 and is also a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to Coca-Cola European Partners, Damian was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Coca-Cola Enterprises in October 2015. 

Before that, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of the Anadolu Beverage Group, one of the world’s largest beverage organisations with both a Coca-Cola division and a beer division (in partnership with SAB Miller).

He was also previously Chief Executive Officer in Russia, Germany, Eastern Europe and Australia.  Read more about Damian here.

Photo of Nik Jhangiani

Nik Jhangiani Chief Financial Officer

Nik has more than 20 years of finance experience, including 11 years within The Coca-Cola System.

Prior to his current role, he became Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Coca-Cola Enterprises in November 2013, after joining Coca-Cola Enterprises in September 2012. Read more about Nik here.




Photo of Clare Wardle

Clare Wardle General Counsel & Company Secretary

Clare was appointed as General Counsel & Company Secretary at Coca-Cola European Partners in May 2016. She has considerable international experience in risk, governance, competition and compliance.

Between 2010 and May 2016, Clare has played a leading role in many development and expansion projects as Group General Counsel at Kingfisher – Europe’s largest home improvement retail group. During her time at the FTSE100 Company, she launched the hugely successful Kingfisher Women’s Network, which has seen an increase of senior women within the business.

Read more about Clare here.

Photo of José Antonio Echeverría

José Antonio Echeverría Chief Customer Service and Supply Chain Officer

José Antonio leads Coca-Cola European Partners’ end-to-end supply chain in 13 countries. He is focused on creating a superior experience for our customers, while also delivering an expanded and sustainable portfolio of drinks and packaging to consumers. He is also committed to CCEP’s sustainability action plan, working with partners across our value chain to build a better future – for our business, for people and for the planet. Read more about José Antonio here.

Photo of Lauren Sayeski

Lauren Sayeski Chief Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Officer

Lauren leads Coca-Cola European Partners’ strategic engagement with media, policymakers, civil society and community stakeholders. Lauren has worked for Coca-Cola for over 12 years in roles across the spectrum of public affairs and communications.

She has served on transaction teams for the 2010 sale of Coca-Cola Enterprises’ North American operations to The Coca-Cola Company and, most recently, on the merger to create Coca-Cola European Partners. 

Read more about Lauren here.

Photo of Peter Brickley

Peter Brickley Chief Information Officer

Peter leads the business solutions, support services and technology infrastructure that CCEP needs to deliver growth.

That includes steering CCEP’s investments in technology solutions to enhance our customer service and delivery in the marketplace.  His leadership of information technology also supports key business process changes and the integration of our digital workplace, to ensure our employees are connected and can collaborate effectively from any location.

Read more about Peter here.

Photo of Nick Wall

Nick Wall Chief People and Culture Officer

As the leader of our HR function, Nick is instrumental in establishing our new company, developing our employees and creating a culture for growth.

Nick brings deep expertise in both HR and within Coca-Cola, where he has worked for 30 years across more than 60 countries. Nick was most recently Senior Vice President of HR for The Coca-Cola Company’s Bottling Investment Group, which includes more than 80,000 employees in 20 countries around the world. Read more about Nick here.

Photo of Victor Rufart

Victor Rufart Chief Strategy Officer

Victor Rufart was appointed Chief Strategy Officer in October 2016. He also leads the offices of Integration Management and Business Transformation, following the merger between the bottlers Coca-Cola Enterprises, Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke AG and Coca-Cola Iberian Partners (CCIP).

Before he joined CCIP as CEO in June 2013, Victor spent 25 years at Cobega. Here, he led the transformation of the Cobega business model to secure business growth and achieved operational excellence in an environment of economic crisis. Read more about Victor here

Photo of Frank Molthan

Frank Molthan General Manager Germany Business Unit

With almost 30 years’ experience in Germany’s Coca-Cola system, and holding a range of regional and commercial leadership roles, Frank has a track record of delivering consistently strong results.

Frank’s most recent role was as HR Director for Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke AG, successfully leading the organisation through a period of change. Prior to his HR leadership, Frank was appointed the German Business Unit’s Director of Sales and Marketing in 2009, where his guidance delivered high levels of growth and strong customer service.

Read more about Frank here.



Photo of Stephen Moorhouse

Stephen Moorhouse General Manager Northern Europe Business Unit

Stephen has been with The Coca-Cola System for over 14 years, leading operations and supply chain.

Stephen has been in charge of the business in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway since his appointment as General Manager of Coca-Cola Enterprises Northern Europe Business Unit, in September 2013. Read more about Stephen here.

Photo of Ben Lambrecht

Ben Lambrecht GM, France Business Unit

Ben has been working within The Coca-Cola System for more than 20 years, holding various leadership positions with both The Coca-Cola Company and bottling operations in several countries. 

Ben took up the position of Vice President & General Manager France with Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) in September 2013. Prior to this appointment, Ben led the Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands Business Unit as General Manager for three years, after holding various Vice President positions in the Belgian and British leadership teams in Field Sales, Logistics and Sales & Marketing. By working in different divisions and managing people from different cultures across our business, Ben believes in the value of a collaborative and inclusive management, as well as diversity in driving business value growth. Read more about Ben here.

Photo of Leendert den Hollander

Leendert den Hollander General Manager Great Britain Business Unit

Leendert is responsible for Coca-Cola European Partners’ business unit in Great Britain. He was appointed Vice President & General Manager of Coca-Cola Enterprises Great Britain in May 2014. Leendert joined from Young’s Seafood Ltd, where he had been Chief Executive Officer since 2011. Previously, he was UK Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer of its parent company Findus Group. Read more about Leendert here

Photo of Francesc Cosano

Francesc Cosano General Manager Iberian BU

Francesc leads Coca-Cola European Partners’ business  in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra. Francesc was previously Managing Director of Coca-Cola Iberian Partners, the Coca-Cola bottler for Spain, Portugal and Andorra. He has also worked as Operations Director for Coca-Cola Iberian Partners. Read more about Francesc here